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In the early 1930’s, as the famed Harlem Renaissance of Black cultural achievement was winding down, a new surge of African American creativity, activism and scholarship began to flow in the Southside Chicago District, then becoming known as “Bronzeville.”  Bronzeville is the most significant landmark of the African American urban history in the United Sates.  The area was once the center of Chicago’s African American economic and social life.  The cultural upsurge in Bronzeville in the 1930’s and 1940’s took a course distinct from that of its Harlem predecessor.  From 1932 through 1950, Chicago’s Black community witnessed, and participated in, starting developments in literature, art, music, social science and journalism.  The Chicago Renaissance was also a time of musical innovation in Blues, despite the continued popularity of the traditional “Down Home” styles.  By the late 1940’s, Chicago Blues had developed an urban sound without relinquishing its country roots and Chicago became known as the “Blues Capital of America”.  Presently, the City of Chicago has committed to working with the community to preserve and redevelop Bronzeville.  Fortunately, many of the most significant building in the Black Metropolis have survived. Collectively, these buildings are worthy of recognition and preservation as monuments to the determination of the African American urban pioneers who created them.  Today, they represent the center of contiguous activity that defines the Bronzeville community. 

The photographs and historical information on Bronzeville depicted in “Pearl’s Place” were taken from the Harsch Research Collection of Afro-American History and Literature from the Chicago Public Library.

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Our Famous Southern-Style Soul Food Buffet

We offer the best, freshly-prepared breakfast, lunch and dinner buffets in town, featuring southern soul food selections prepared and served by our accredited professional chefs

**Buffet times and pricing are subject to change due to prevailing conditions**


  • Our buffet selections are carefully selected by our chefs throughout the day and are subject to change. Selections may or may not include items from the regular menu.
  • Slight charge for buffet carry-outs. We have a no waste policy; please only select items you are prepared to eat.
  • Buffet desserts are from a special, limited selection and are subject to availability. Please ask your server for available choices.
  • *Seating for breakfast buffet ends at 10:10am weekdays, 11:10am weekends. Arrive early!**